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Video-Based Law Enforcement Exam - VIDEO-LE™

The VIDEO-LE™ assesses basic skills and abilities necessary to effectively handle real-life situations that are likely to be encountered by law enforcement officers. This high-tech examination presents a series of one-to-two-minute professionally produced scenarios involving law enforcement officers in difficult or challenging situations. After each scenario, candidates are asked to answer a series of questions regarding their opinions, attitudes and how they would respond to the issues posed. The exam does not require candidates to possess any previous knowledge of state and local laws or law enforcement policies and procedures.


Unlike other video-based exams for law enforcement selection, the VIDEO-LE™ is exceptionally inexpensive. Also, candidates respond to questions from each scenario directly on their Scantron® answer sheets, which are then sent to I/O Solutions for immediate scoring and reporting of results.


With the VIDEO-LE™, there is no need for costly video equipment to capture your candidates’ responses, expensive raters to score the exams, etc. The VIDEO-LE™ is an effective, cost-efficient video-based situational judgment tool specifically tailored for law enforcement selection.


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