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National Public Safety Dispatcher Selection Inventory™ - NPSDSI™

The NPSDSI is the most unique and effective public safety dispatcher examination available. This is a high-tech, audio-based, job-simulation assessment that is easy to administer and measures critical dispatch skills, such as listening comprehension, problem-solving, multitasking and composure under stress as required in a typical dispatch setting.


Presented to the candidates entirely from an audio file delivered via flash drive, this state-of-the-art examination is unique and extremely effective in identifying candidates who possess the critical skills necessary to succeed as a public safety dispatcher.


The exam administrator need only pass out the examination booklets, insert the flash drive, double-click the file, and wait until the narrator indicates that the examination is over.


Truly an Innovative Assessment Tool

The first section of the NPSDSI presents candidates with a series of 911 calls. Candidates are instructed to take notes in the space provided in their test booklets; then they are asked a series of questions about the calls. This fast-paced, realistic approach to dispatcher assessment ensures that passing candidates will have the critical detail-orientation, multitasking, composure and listening skills needed to succeed on the job.


The second section presents information to candidates that must be used in conjunction with the detailed maps provided in the test booklet in order to answer correctly a series of challenging, job-related questions that assess spatial orientation and perceptual skill.


The final section of the NPSDSI requires candidates to assimilate information presented from both the audio file and in the test booklet in order to answer correctly a series of questions designed to assess problem-solving abilities.


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