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National Criminal Justice Officer Selection Inventory™ - NCJOSI™

The NCJOSI™ was developed as an alternative to conventional criminal justice written entrance examinations. The NCJOSI™ was designed specifically to predict success for criminal justice positions and to be in strict compliance with all federal, state and local testing guidelines and regulations. The NCJOSI™ helps agencies select officers who will be successful working in departments that are either now using, or are moving toward, a community-oriented approach to public safety. This new criminal justice philosophy requires that officers be both smarter and able to work with a diverse and demanding community. The NCJOSI™ was designed to provide more than just the traditional measures found in most police officer selection tests and includes both a cognitive (i.e., problem-solving) and an attitude/behavioral-orientation (i.e., criminal justice officer orientation) component.


The NCJOSI™ was psychometrically developed to maximize validity while minimizing adverse impact. Given both the level of content validity evidence and the extremely high levels of criterion-related validity demonstrated by the NCJOSI™, this examination is truly state-of-the-art and will prove to be a tremendously useful entrance examination for all criminal justice agencies.

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