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Law Enforcement Promotional Exams

Promotional exams are best suited to assess the required job knowledge for a given position. Our state-of-the-art promotional examinations have been constructed to test candidates' knowledge in critical law enforcement areas. The critical elements of the job were identified through rigorous job analyses with command-rank law enforcement personnel throughout the country. Subject-matter experts were utilized not only to identify the critical elements of the job, but also to identify the knowledge necessary to perform these job elements.


Using Current and Respected Training Texts

To assess the required job knowledge areas for a given job, the most respected and current law enforcement training texts in the country were consulted. Specifically tailored and psychometrically examined items were written for each specific job in order to assess the necessary knowledge for that position. As a result, individuals who pass our examinations will be well equipped to handle their new positions.

Promotional Exams

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Core Concepts Promotional Exam Series


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Law Enforcement Investigator Exam