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Fire Service Promotional Exams

Our fire service promotional exams have each been constructed to test knowledge that is critical for candidates to possess in order to perform the specialized functions of given fire service positions. For each OTS fire service promotional exam, the most current and respected training texts were used to assess the required job knowledge areas for a given job. Each exam was specifically tailored and psychometrically evaluated to ensure proper assessment for that position. As a result, individuals who pass our examinations will be well equipped to handle their new positions.

Fire Service Supervisor Exams

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The Fire Service Supervisor Examinations are designed to assess essential job knowledge related to supervisory positions in the fire service. The psychologists at I/O Solutions have worked with command-ranking fire personnel from around the country to identify critical knowledge areas that are related to successful performance and popular fire service texts and training materials that do an excellent job imparting this knowledge.


I/O Solutions has created three levels of supervisor exams: Company Officer I, Company Officer II, and Chief Officer. Company Officer I is appropriate for the rank of lieutenant, Company Officer II is appropriate for captain, and Chief Officer is appropriate for the ranks of battalion chief, assistant/deputy chief.


All three exams assess the same basic knowledge areas but at differing levels of emphasis. The primary areas assessed include the following:

  • Building construction
  • Fire scene management
  • Firefighter's role in the community
  • Management and supervision of personnel
  • Principles and tactics

Firefighter Driver/Engineer Promotional Exam

 /uploadedImages/IOS/IO_Solutions/Products_and_Services/OTS/Driver Engineer.jpeg 

The Firefighter Driver/Engineer Promotional Examination (FDEPE) is an excellent measure of candidates' knowledge of apparatus use, pump and ladder operations, and general fireground tactics.


Like our other promotional examinations, the FDEPE is distinct from traditional job-knowledge tests in that it is based primarily on situational scenarios rather than requiring candidates to demonstrate rote memorization skills.



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